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Bordeaux , the venue


HT-CMC Conference Series

Nearly 30 years after the 1st edition, the HT-CMC international Conference attracts a growing number of attendees. Indeed, the Ceramic-Matrix Composites are high-tech, cutting edge materials, and they bring the attention of scientists and engineers upon many aspects of their processing, structure, properties, applications. Technological challenges are frequently related to more fundamental materials science & engineering issues.

This Conference Series has always had the aim to gather people from academia, from national agencies as well as from industry. They are the unique opportunity to discuss and share information about the latest results, outcomes, challenges, perspectives on this class of materials.

          HT-CMC Conference Series List :

Edition Year Venue,  Country Chairs
HT-CMC 1 1993 Bordeaux,  France R. Naslain
J. Lamon
HT-CMC 2 1995 Santa Barbara, CA, USA A. G. Evans
R. Naslain
HT-CMC 3 1998 Osaka, Japan K. Nakano
K. Niihara 
HT-CMC 4 2001 Munich, Germany W. Krenkel
R. Naslain
H. Schneider
HT-CMC 5 2004 Seattle, WA, USA M. Singh
R. J. Kerans
E. Lara-Curzio
R. Naslain
HT-CMC 6 2007 New Delhi, India

L. M. Manocha
M. Singh
R. Naslain

HT-CMC 7 2010 Bayreuth, Germany W. Krenkel
J. Lamon
HT-CMC 8 2013 Xi'An, China L.-T. Zhang
D.-L. Jiang
HT-CMC 9 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada M. Singh
T. Ohji
G. N. Morscher
S.-M. Dong
HT-CMC 10 2019 Bordeaux,
France G. L. Vignoles
W. Krenkel
M. Ferraris




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