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Topic 2: Fibers and Preforms


Ceramic fibers are the key components of ceramic matrix composites. Although advanced CMC materials are already being developed with fibers available on the market, there is still a demand for fiber materials with even better high temperature performance. Oxide fibers have limitations, due to creep and grain growth, and non-oxide fibers are not long-term stable against oxidation at high temperatures. Research is focused on pushing the performance limits to higher temperatures and to longer life times of the fibers.

For many applications textile preforms made of ceramic fibers are the starting point for manufacturing CMC parts. In the most basic case this can be flat woven fabrics. However, looking at advanced 3D carbon fiber preforms already developed for carbon fiber composites, there is still a challenge for textile machine engineering in order to handle also ceramic fibers. The latest developments of woven textiles aim in the direction of fabrics with large denier roving, which can be produced at lower costs but are demanding in terms of infiltration capability by the ceramic matrix.


Proposed Session Topics:

  • New developments in the field of oxide and non-oxide ceramic fibers
  • Characterization and evaluation of temperature dependent properties of ceramic fibers
  • Performance of ceramic fibers in corrosive environments
  • Nanotubes or nanowires as reinforcements
  • Textile processing of ceramic fibers for producing fabrics and preforms
  • New fabrics for CMCs (High denier woven preforms, braided structures, 3D preforms…)



Members of the Scientific Committee:

RENÉ PAILLER, CNRS, Bordeaux, France

MATHIAS KUNZ, WPX Faserkeramik GmbH

FRANK FICKER, University of Applied Sciences Hof, Germany

ANDREAS NOETH, Fraunhofer HTL, Bayreuth, Germany

HERWIG PETERLIK, University of Vienna, Austria

SHAOMING DONG, Ceramics Engineering Research Center, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China

ERIC BOUILLON; Safran Ceramics, Le Haillan; France

JI JEON PARK, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea

JAMES A DiCARLO, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, USA

MICHIO TAKEDA, NGS Advanced Fibers, Toyama, Japan





Bernd Clauß, German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research, DITF Denkendorf, Germany

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