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Topic 6 : Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is considered a key technology for the industry of the future. It consists in selectively adding materials to realize net shape components in three dimensions. AM machines are controlled by a computer which elaborates a computer aided design (CAD) file to transform it into a real object. AM shows several advantages: shortened development and manufacturing of new components, reduction of production cost (for small series or pieces with complex shape) and the opportunity to create objects whose geometry is impossible to realize with conventional processes. This last advantage is probably the most striking one: it allows designing a component for its performance and no more for its manufacturability.

AM technology is still in a development phase for ceramics, the next challenge is to combine the above mentioned advantages with the peculiar “engineer-able” microstructure of a CMC.

The topics of this Session are meant to give an overview on what is new in ceramic AM on design, processing, testing and applications with the aim to open a discussion on the limits and opportunities of this technology for CMC.


Proposed session topics (not limited):

• Emerging additive manufacturing technologies

• Selective laser sintering and stereolithography

• Direct writing technologies

• Fused deposition modeling and 3-D printing technologies

• Laminated object manufacturing and powder bed fusion processes

• Mechanical tests of additively manufactured and joined ceramics and ceramic matrix composites

• Design and modeling of additive manufacturing materials and interfaces

• Additive manufacturing-enabled components and their evaluation in relevant operating conditions


Scientific Committee:

Alberto Ortona, SUPSI, Switzerland,

Patrick David, CEA, France

Mrityunjay (Jay) Singh, Ohio Aerospace Institute, USA

Tatsuki Ohji, AIST Chubu, Japan

Paolo Colombo, Univ. of Padua Italy

Rishi Raj, Univ. Colorado, USA

Soshu Kirihara, Osaka Univ, Japan

Andreas Gebhardt, FH Aachen, Germany

Matthew R. Begley, UC Santa Barbara, USA

Rujie He, Beijng Institute of Technology, China

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