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Topic 17 - Advanced materials for sustainable energy (incl.  nuclear fission and fusion, industrial gas turbines)

Ceramic matrix composite materials combine favorable thermal and mechanical properties with low density. Composites can replace conventional materials, such as metals or monolithic ceramics, to overcome technical barriers in numerous applications. Beyond aerospace, friction and power generation applications, ceramic matrix composites could be used for new applications where they could be the only solution to reach technical specifications.

This symposium will especially focus on improved and advanced ceramic composite materials for sustainable energy. Whatever gas turbine, solar or nuclear applications (with the advent of new nuclear reactor concepts), there is significant challenge to develop specific CMC materials to meet stringent requirements, i.e., high temperature and/or corrosive environments (including neutron effect). Thus, a systematic approach of modeling, processing, characterization, and in-service performance testing is required to bring new materials in use.

Keywords: nuclear, gas turbine, solar, fusion, fission, sustainable energy, heat exchanger

Scientific Committee :

Jürgen Göring, WPX Faserkeramik, Germany

Stéphane Goujard, SAFRAN Ceramics, France

Roland Weiß, Schunk Kohlenstoffiechnik, Germany

Jeremy Bischoff, Framatome, France

Martin Steinbrück, KIT, Germany

Christian Deck, General Atomics, USA

Peng Xu, Westinghouse, USA

Charles Lewinsohn, Coorstek, USA

Tatsuya Hinoki, Kyoto University, Japan

Weon-Ju Kim, KAERI, Korea

Shoko Suyama, Toshiba, Japan

Shaoming Dong, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics CAS, China

Points of Contact:

Cédric Sauder, CEA, Saclay, France,

Yutai Katoh, ORNL, USA,

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